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  1. Rebeca Hernandez January 3, 2020 — 12:46 pm

    We are a couple of months late to the reply game but trust that it doesn’t take away from the amazing work Zach gave us during our wedding day in August of 2019. Zach, you made each one of my family members and friends smile with the detail in our photos. You captured moments that we wanted to be present for and remember forever. Dealing with two big, loud mexican families is no easy task. You made sure everyone felt included, took the time to listen to what Edgar and I valued and always made sure that these pictures were everything we asked for. If you are looking for a photographer with a good eye, patience, amazing attitude (felt like friends, he could’ve definitely stayed for the rest of the party 🙂) versitle, who brings comfort and ease on such a “feelings high” filled day, and whose turn around time is quick but doesn’t miss a beat–he’s the photographer for your big day. Thanks so much, Zach!-
    Edgar & Rebeca

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