Bland, MO-99
        Hi, I’m Zach. I live in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood with my beautiful wife, Elli, and two misbehaving cats named Bowie and Wolfgang. I love mixing drinks, cooking meals, and hosting parties. I love riding my motorcycle, reading all kinds of books, and listening to great music.
        And I love photography. Life is a constant state of flux: faces age, families grow, relationships change, and individuals float in and out of your world. Photography gives us a way to immortalize these fleeting moments. I haven’t stopped documenting my own story and now I love helping other people document their most important moments.
        I pride myself on my ability to quickly connect with my clients, making them feel comfortable, cared for, and confident that they look great. I’m good at going with the flow: not every event I’m at goes exactly according to plan and I know how to be flexible and roll with the punches. Being a helpful and calming presence in the midst of your wedding or event is second nature to me. Basically, I try to treat people how I want to be treated: with fairness and understanding.
        And I have extremely reasonable rates. Get in touch with me – I think you’ll be surprised at how affordable great photography can be.
        I’ve met so many diverse and interesting people through photography and I’ve love to add your name to that list. Head over to the connect page and drop me a line!


CAMP Caddy - Robledo - Vera-245

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